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The OASIS3 package

The sources and data of OASIS3, all related libraries, and TOYCLIM coupled model are available from PRISM CVS server bedano and from CERFACS CVS server elnino.

From PRISM CVS server (see more details in (4) or refer to the PRISM web 'Download' page at, these sources and data can be retrieved with the following CVS module names:

{\em TOYCLIM}: sources of OASIS3, toyoce, toyatm and toyche,...
{\em TOYCLIMATA}: only the input and example output data files.

On CERFACS CVS server, the repository is /home/valcke/PRISMCVS. To obtain the CVS login and password as well as the most recent OASIS3 tag, please contact us (see contact details on the back of the cover page).

OASIS3 directory structure follows the PRISM standard one (some sources, related to the SIPC or NONE communication techniques, are available from CERFACS CVS server only):

 - prism/data/testinterp    data for OASIS3 in interpolator mode NONE
                            (CERFACS CVS only)
             /toyclim       data and results for TOYCLIM coupled model
             /toysvipc      data for the SIPC toy model
                            (CERFACS CVS only)  
 - prism/src/lib/anaisg     GAUSSIAN interpolation library
                /anaism     SURFMESH interpolation library
                /clim       CLIM/MPI1-MPI2 communication library
                /fscint     INTERP interpolation library  
                /mpp_io     I/O library
                /psmile     PRISM System Model Interface Library
                /scrip      SCRIPR interpolation library
                /svipc      SIPC communication library
                            (CERFACS CVS only)
 - prism/src/mod/oasis3/src OASIS3 main code
                       /doc OASIS3 documentation

                /sipcatmos  SIPC toy model 1 (CERFACS CVS only)
                /sipcocean  SIPC toy model 2 (CERFACS CVS only)
                /toyatm     TOYCLIM component model 1 and documentation
                /toyoce     TOYCLIM component model 2
                /toyche     TOYCLIM component model 3
 - prism/util/compile/frames  PRISM Standard Compiling Environment (SCE)
 - prism/util/running/frames  PRISM Standard Running Environment (SRE) 
 - prism/util/running/adjunct_file configuring files for OASIS3 
                     /testinterp   environment to test the interpolator
                                   mode NONE (CERFACS CVS only) 
                     /toysvipc     environment to run the SIPC toymodel
                                   (CERFACS CVS only)

Reinhard Budich 2004-12-22